June 2001

Cover Story

Power Players

Concierges drive millions of dollars into Hawaii's economy.


One-Stop Shopping

Tony Group's new autoplex will house all three of its automotive brands.

Multi-Media Merry-Go-Round

Stay-At-Home Solutions

Where can local travelers go for $500 and $1000?

No Business Like Snow Business

Winter-sports companies fight to stay alive during summmer.

Software and Soft Selling

Serviceautocenter.com is the state's first direct on-line auto web site.

Road Block

Following a banner year in 2000, maui residents are looking at a flat 2001.

Simply Irresistible

Luxury-car dealers shift strategies with 'bargain basement' prices.

Las Vegas’ New Wild Card

MLT Vacations' new Las Vegas travel packages gives Kamaaina a broad selection of hotels up and down the strip.