June 2003

Cover Story

10 Steps To Great Service


Celebrating 20 Years of Top 250

Coming in September: MauiLife Fest

Makeovers of a Lifetime

New building projects in Waikiki run the gamut, from senior residential communities to ritzy retail outlets

Agents of Change

To survive in a volatile business world, travel agencies are getting big and little

There's Something About Maui

Residents protect their environment & culture but welcome new developments

Wholesale Hospitality

The growth of online merchants may help Hawaii hotels

Could You Hold Please?

Statewide, more than $60 million in construction projects have been held up because of a recent ruling by the Hawaii state Supreme Court

Something Is Brewing

Kona coffee has a new mainland fulfillment center

Agriculture: Paradise Flower Farm

Bid Online and They Will Come

HawaiiPlanz saves time by posting government construction projects online

Deconstructing Industry Myths

The Truth About Hawaii’s Construction Industry

Trend Report

The latest and greatest in Hawaii’s construction industry

Pest Control

Local farmers get some relief from a federal program to suppress Hawaii's fruit fly population

Keen On Green

Taking the lead from U.S. Mainland firms, local contractors and designers join the green building movement

The Troika

What is in store for Hawaii’s construction industry? Below are excerpts from a conversation with three leading executives