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5 Things

For the Green in You

photo courtesy Sustainable Group

ReGreen Office Goods

Greening your office doesn’t just mean recycling paper and shutting off power strips. Good green employees use products made from recycled fibers and corrugated cardboard, like the Sustainable Group’s Rebinder and Repockets. For a small fee, they’ll even custom print your logo on your Re-goods., prices vary

photo courtesy ecopod


Those of you who remember smashing cans back in the day will get a kick out of the ecopod, a sleek, pretty device designed for the most efficient recyclers. Replacing the old-school hand lever is a modern step-pedal can crusher, which effortlessly flattens most cans and plastic bottles, then deposits them into a discreet storage bin. Additional containers hide paper, glass and plastic bags., $328.00

photo courtesy LG

Energy Star-Approved

The very steamy LG Front Load SteamWasher gets a gold star (in this case, an Energy Star) for being among the most eco-friendly appliances. Its electric dryer partner isn’t Energy Star-certified, but earns a silver star for its dual humidity sensors, which prevent over drying. Besides, both come in Wild Cherry Red. How could you not get the set? Sears, $1,399 & $999

photo courtesy Pangea Organics

Plantable Packaging

Pangea Organics’ all-natural skincare line doesn’t include a single drop of synthetic chemicals, dyes, fragrances or any other artificial gunk. Plus, all its product boxes are impregnated with organic seeds, like sweet basil and amaranth. So if you toss it, a plant grows. Now that’s a product that makes you feel good, inside and out., prices vary

photo courtesy Living Walls

Living Walls

It turns out compact fluorescent bulbs and hybrid cars aren’t the only ways to move toward carbon neutrality. ELT’s Living Walls add a splash of life to any home or office, while consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen., prices vary

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