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June 2008 Poll - Kauai

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June 2008 Poll - Kauai

Is the current backlash against development going to hurt or help Kauai in the long run?

I don't know
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Jun 7, 2008 06:52 pm
 Posted by  kenslee

No doubt we have to slow down luxury developement on all the islands, and focus on developing what we already have. - Luxury developments do nothing but put money in the pockets of the few land owners and developers who take their money and go to live somewhere else, leaving the residents in Hawaii to deal with the problems they leave behind: inadequate infrastructure, traffic, etc. - One day we (particularly Oahu) are going to run out of developable land, and have to just STOP. - Why don't we just STOP now before it gets to that point?!
We need to expand and develope locally created jobs for the folks that live here. - Expand the agriculture; expand the tourism...which I think the SuperFerry would definitely add to, particularly now that Aloha Airlines is gone...
STOP the building! And place the emphasis on developing what we already have. - For crying out loud! - What is wrong with the powers in this state? Are we (the law makers),all so greedy that we can't see the writing on the wall?!
With love & aloha!
Richard Jeffery.

Jun 7, 2008 06:59 pm
 Posted by  kenslee

Kauai - The back lash against the developement in Kauai, I think will help in the long run...if the law makers pay attention to the will of the people.
But I think the back lash against the SuperFerry will hurt Kauai. - There are so many ways they could use the SuperFerry to their advantage...for developing an alternative to moving their agricultural products, off and on to the island, and bringing over tourists who would spend money on the island. - What is the matter with these protesters that they can't envision a whole new section of tourism economy built around the SuperFerry?!

Jun 10, 2008 04:10 pm
 Posted by  benergykauai

This poll describes the situation as a 'backlash' against development, but I believe it is more aptly described as a move towards
broader self-governance. In the absence of an active citizenry, government tends toward special interest. What we're seeing here is a community rejecting the assertion that growth is a necessary component of community well-being, and a community stepping up to take the reigns. The Superferry is simply a focus point in a much larger move that says 'we desire input in the shaping of our community'

Jun 11, 2008 10:21 pm
 Posted by  scott m

The rate of growth here on Kauai, if sustained, will hurt our economy and our lifestyle. Here is why. We do not have the infrastructure to support this growth nor is it under construction. Our roads are overburdened, our parks are in disrepair, our landfill is full and our electric utility is operating near capacity. Wouldn’t it make cense to upgrade our infrastructure before we place a greater demand on it? We are already experiencing a loss of productivity due to increasing traffic. The rural charm that tourist come to know is slowly being replaced by large corporate interests. These corporations want a free ride on the backs of Kauai’s residents so they can cash in on Kauai’s pristine beauty before they destroy it.

Will this hurt our economy? You bet it will. Who wants to spend their vacation on Kauai in traffic? Who wants to deal with a population of residents that are full of resentment and despair because they can no longer visit their favorite beach or stream? This is the direction Kauai is heading and it will be catastrophic if it is allowed to continue without more thoughtful planning.

I say, impose impact fees on developments that are going to use our overburdened infrastructure – all of it. (roads, parks, water, electric, waste, etc) These impact fees should be substantial enough to make meaningful improvements. We should not have to bear the costs of this increased demand nor should be asked to make unfair sacrifices.
Proponents of development say that their projects create jobs. For who? Lets make sure that local contractors get the jobs.

And then there’s the Hawaii Superferry. I think it is quite evident that the Governors office engaged in some pretty shady activities in order to get this private business operating here in Hawaii. The “Special Session & Act 2” are an embarrassment to the state and have sent a clear message to big business that our legislators are for sale. If the Hawaii Superferry would have followed the law and conducted an EIS in accordance with HRS 343 they might have been sailing to Kauai by now. Instead, they went to great lengths to avoid the EIS process and circumvent HRS 343. I wonder why?

Whether or not the Hawaii Superferry is good for Kauai is not known. At this time I believe the risks far outweigh the benefits that have been promised. Perhaps we should put it to a vote in November.

My Opinion,

Scott Mijares
Kilauea, Kauai

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