Ad 2 Honolulu Members Grow by Giving Back

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If the “Mad Men” TV show has left you with a cynical view of the advertising business, a great antidote is talking with members of Ad 2 Honolulu, especially about their annual campaign for a local nonprofit.

Ad 2 is an association of advertising and marketing professionals age 32 and younger, and part of the American Advertising Federation. Since 1969, the Honolulu club has united young professionals in advertising and marketing and given them valuable job, networking and educational opportunities.

Ad 2 members volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity event.


Ad 2 members listen during an informational seminar.

“I think Ad 2 Honolulu has brought amazing value, not only personally – because you meet people, and you grow with these people in the industry – but at a professional level, it’s exposed me to learning experiences I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to,” says Jessica Pang, president of Ad 2 Honolulu.

Once a year, Ad 2 Honolulu selects a small local nonprofit for its annual free public-service marketing campaign. This year it’s Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii. Ad 2 says the pro-bono service has won it first place for the past nine years at the American Advertising Federation’s annual conference.

Over the years, the free marketing campaigns have given Hawaii nonprofits such as the Aloha Medical Mission Dental Clinic, Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, and Hawaii Cord Blood Bank effective platforms for their causes. Such comprehensive marketing packages usually cost much more than a small nonprofit can afford.

It’s a win-win situation for the community and the organization’s 50 or so members. After the campaign, many join the boards of those nonprofits or are inspired to work for another nonprofit. “This is a chance for all creatives to do the best work they can for the best reason. It’s a good feeling,” says Pang.

Working on the annual campaign is just one of the club’s many activities. It has held 15 programs aimed at young professionals in the past six months.

“As much as we’ve given to the organization, it’s given so much back to all of us through networking and other opportunities,” says Pang, who currently works as a full-time account executive for Team Vision Marketing.


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