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How to Lead

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Photography by Elyse Butler Mallams

To learn about leadership in Hawaii, Hawaii Business senior writer Dennis Hollier interviewed seven of the state’s most powerful and effective leaders, past and present. Among the questions he asked:

  • What are the key attributes of great leaders?
  • How do great leaders deal with crises?
  • Are leaders obligated to prepare for transitions?
  • What advice do you have for young leaders?
  • Which leaders do you admire?

Most successful leaders have thought deeply about these kinds of questions, so we weren’t surprised that their responses were articulate and perceptive. What did surprise us was how their individual comments wove around common themes. Even though they were interviewed separately, it sounded like they were listening to and enlarging upon each other’s insights. It sounded like a conversation.

That’s how we are presenting the remarks of these seven leaders: George Ariyoshi, John Dean, Walter Dods, Mark Dunkerly, Constance Lau, Kathryn Matayoshi and Colbert Matsumoto. For continuity and clarity, we moved some of their comments around, deleted some repetition and edited for conciseness. That said, these are their words in their proper context.

In next month’s issue of Hawaii Business, we’ll share the insights and personal stories of two uniquely Hawaiian leaders, Nainoa Thompson and Harry Kim.

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 Posted by  Melody Maker

"Waiting on the World to Change" is a pleasant radio pop song. But anthem of a generation it ain't.

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