March 2001

Cover Story

It Takes A Village

Mitch D’Olier and Victoria Ward Ltd. bring a small-town feel and big-city profits to Hawaii retail.


The top 10 HealthCare Providers

Ranked by 2000 Sales

Investment Sprees

Women-only investment clubs encourage members to talk stock.

Retirement Page

With the retirement of the nation’s 70-plus million baby boomers just around the corner, the Social Security Administration has brought processing benefits applications to the Internet.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Hawaii’s ecotourism industry thrives despite haphazard planning and hazy regulations.

Air War

Wireless Internet service is the latest player in the emerging high-speed Internet war.

After the Fall

In 2001, investors are in the market for good advice.

2001 Oahu Commercial Office & Guide

A decrease in vacancies in Downtown Honolulu is setting the stage for rental rate increases.

A Pollution Solution

Did you know that rainwater is the leading cause of water pollution in Hawaii? Quality Pumping and Maintenance knows this and they expect profits to come raining down.

The HTA Versus the Sierra Club

A case before the State Supreme court could have profound effects on how state officials develop Hawaii’s tourist industry.