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5 For the Future

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Shanah Trevenna, 36
Leader in sustainability

Shanah Trevenna believes Hawaii will be a model for the world in sustainability. With a degree in mechanical engineering, Trevenna came from Canada to earn a master’s degree in urban planning and a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Hawaii.  She has since helped lead the campus’s sustainability movement.

Trevenna led a student group called Sustainable UH to reduce Saunders Hall’s energy bill by $150,000 without spending a cent. “It’s amazing what students have learned to do with nothing,” she says. 

Trevenna’s internship class helps Hawaii businesses find savings and she uses her “Sustainability 101” curriculum to train organizations. As a keynote speaker for conferences like Harvard’s Sustainability Institute, she shares UH’s successes with the nation.

Trevenna wants to be a lifelong professor at UH and ultimately create a world-renowned Institute for Sustainability. Trevenna applies her love of surfing to her ocean wave energy research and is writing a book called “Surfing Tsunamis of Change.”

Trevenna says she has fallen in love with the Islands and the thing she loves most about Hawaii is how people support each other. “There is something about Hawaii’s island culture and natural beauty that inspires and reminds everyone of what is important.”


Daniel Zelikman, 25
Director of digital marketing, StarrTech Interactive, a division of Anthology

The world is going digital, and Daniel Zelikman knows the digital world.

Zelikman says his responsibilities at StarrTech are “lead strategy and campaigns for all things digital,” which includes everything from designing Web sites to promoting opportunities for StarrTech’s clients through marketing and advertising, social media and marketing, analytics, viral promotion, mobile applications, mobile advertising, and a list of other emerging technologies.

Zelikman says his goals for the future “are a bit blurry” and he admits he still has much to learn, but he has an interest in working with nonprofit campaigns and high-profile organizations that want to do good things in the community.

“(It’s) a win-win situation when you can get exposure for a great cause that helps people while still letting a branded organization gain some exposure. Combining that type of work with my knowledge of digital could be something I work for in the future. That, or somehow figuring out how to be entrepreneurial while exploring this amazing planet.”

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