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HB Healthcare & Insurance 2014

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Howard Lee
President and Chief Executive Officer

Q&A with Howard Lee, President and CEO of UHA

Q: What is UHA doing to make healthcare less expensive?

A: There are many factors that increases the cost healthcare. At UHA, we put quality ahead of all else, but we also know that more services does not mean better quality. Our overall goal is to ensure that our members receive the safest, most effective, and compassionate care possible.

Q: How important are preventative benefits?

A: Not being sick obviously saves you time and money. But life should be more than preventing sickness, it is about being vibrantly healthy so that we can all live purpose filled lives. That is why we encourage our members to make their health a high priority. We also believe that the workplace is a good place to help people improve their health. For that purpose, we founded Hawaii Health At Work Alliance (HHAWA), an organization made up of various health professionals, engaging employers with insight of how to implement a healthy work environment.  

Q: Why does UHA take a proactive role in caring for its members and what UHA services reflect that?

A: We strive to keep our members healthy and it's our responsibility to inspire them to do so. Our associates are expected to maximize their health and the health of our members while providing prompt help when needed. Our members become a part of our extended family. When benefits are needed, we ensure effective, timely, and compassionate delivery of high value health care; best quality at the lowest cost to our members.


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