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We work hard putting out Hawaii Business, but we also like to have fun. Here are some of the HB staff’s favorite after-work things to do, eat, drink and enjoy.


Bobby Senaha


Family Time

There’s nothing better than quality time and good conversation with family, whether it involves flying to California to visit my mom, dad, siblings, nieces and nephew, or enjoying a traditional Sunday dinner here with my wife, my in-laws and her grandma.

Acai bowls

I tried my first one on a trip to Brazil in 2005 and after they became popular in the U.S., I haven’t stopped eating them. My favorite is from Bogart’s Cafe on Monsarrat Avenue.


I’m new to the world of yoga and it’s super hard, but I’ve played sports all my life and never stretched. It’s challenging and a great workout. I’ll let you know if it’s in my top three in a couple of years, but right now it makes my list.

Ashley Weder

Event Manager, Program Development

Ted’s Bakery Garlic Shrimp

A trip to the North Shore is not complete without stopping for garlic shrimp. Contrary to popular belief, Ted’s Bakery has THE BEST garlic shrimp plate around. Its serving is more than enough for two and you even get a slice of Ted’s famous pie.

My Aloha Ring from Ki-ele

When I first arrived in Hawaii, “aloha” was just a fun, new way to say hello. Now, after living here for two years and meeting so many wonderful people who have welcomed me and my fiancée into their ohana, I’ve come to understand the true meaning of the word. My aloha ring reminds me to share the aloha spirit that has been so graciously shown to me.


To say, “I love dachshunds,” is an understatement. I’ve grown up with the cute, miniature, hot-dog-looking breed my entire life and just can’t get enough of them. My office desk is adorned with a dachshund calendar and stationary, and I don’t mind committing a fashion faux pas by sporting my dachshund scarf.

Jill Hamasaki

Sales & Operations Director

Water Gardens Keolu 4  

All movies, any time on any day, are only $5.50 and the snacks range from just $1 to $4.  Great way to enjoy movies without breaking the bank, plus a beautiful drive to the Windward Side is a fabulous bonus!


I love the taste and aroma of yuzu, which is a citrus fruit originating in East Asia. It’s subtle tartness and crisp flavor tastes great in hot or cold tea and with ponzu. I also enjoy the fruit’s candied rind, which is not as tart as lemon peel.

Eyelash extensions

I’ve been getting eyelash extensions from Kristin Wood for a few years and it’s one luxury I cannot give up. It’s so nice to wake up every morning with a full set of long eyelashes. Every few weeks, I look forward to visiting Kristin to get my lashes refilled while I take a nap in her cozy boutique on Kapahulu Avenue.  

Steve Petranik



I love books but don’t have as much time as I’d like for reading, so I listen to books loaded onto my phone while I ride in the car, wash dishes and fold laundry. Recent favorites include “The Signal and the Noise,” “Game of Thrones,” “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth,” “FDR” and “Canada.”


After the first few episodes until the end of season three, one of the funniest and most creative TV sitcoms ever, on par with “30 Rock” and the original “Arrested Development.” After a mediocre season four, the show appears back on track with the return of showrunner Dan Harmon.


Ignore the sweaty young guys with bulging muscles. Think weight control, toned bodies, good posture, reduced stress and strong bones for both sexes and all ages. Strength is as essential to fitness as aerobic endurance and flexibility.

Jen Tadaki Catanzariti

Art Director

Honolulu Museum of Art

A $25 basic membership gives you a year of free admission to the museum and its monthly art night, ARTafterDARK. Children under 17 are free. My daughter’s favorite paintings: “The Rainbow” by Robert Delaunay and “Cookie Looked To the Left and Stuck Out Her Tongue” by Donald Roller Wilson.

“The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”  

The book by Edward R. Tufte combines the history and theory of infographics from the earliest incarnations (a plotted map in 1546) to current, big-number charts that detail everything from political forecasts (color-coded maps work best) to Wall Street predictions (sparklines are useful).

Starbucks Strawberry Green Tea  

While not on the menu, this unsweetened tea is a refreshing alternative to what’s normally available in the office at 3 p.m.: cookies.

Beverly Creamer

Senior Writer

Tantalus Drive

Starting when I was a student at UH, the ride from Makiki Heights Drive has always been a great retreat. You can sit at a lookout and soak in the view, pluck sweet-smelling ginger, or simply enjoy the sweeping turns, immense trees and mountaintop park.

Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian at Sunset  

The place to take visitors. Diamond Head, the sweep of Waikiki Beach and the lights coming on as twilight descends are some of the most enchanting views in Hawaii.

Chinatown Shopping on Saturday Mornings

Join the throngs to poke into unique shops, find bunches of ripe bananas and other local treats. It’s always colorful and fun, and you end up with groceries for the week.

Ephraim Botulan

Marketing Manager

Easy Rider

I’ve been an avid motorcycle rider for seven years and always enjoy a leisure ride around Oahu. The best conditions are a sunny day with a moderate breeze, light traffic, smooth asphalt and no destination in particular. Occasionally, I stop at the local biker shops, such as Montgomery Motors, to service my bike or drool over the latest models.


Some people use their tablets for games and movies, but I dedicate mine to reading content from my favorite subscriptions. Like TV channels, nifty apps such as Pulse, Google Currents and Amazon Kindle help me sort out all of my favorite content and e-book downloads.


One of the most underrated foods in Hawaii’s culinary melting pot. My top choices are kotteri (thick, opaque broth) with a heavy Sapporo-style miso flavoring, and the subtle, traditional Shio broth (salt-based) for a lighter style. My must-have toppings are shoyu tamago (boiled egg) and corn, or butter when I feel adventurous.

David Sur

Associate Advertising Director

Animated Movies

My two favorites are “The Jungle Book” and “The Incredibles” – the first is about true friendship and the later is all about family. Of course, I wish I had super powers.


My dog Rocky is my favorite best friend. In this picture, he’s reading his favorite story.

Camellia Buffet  

It’s my favorite Yakiniku restaurant. All-you-can-eat Korean foods: Are you kidding me?!



Jason Ubay

Managing Editor

Black Coffee

Some days I feel snobbish and enjoy artisanal, locally produced, French-pressed or some other labor-intensive, hand-produced coffee. Other days, I’m fine taking the drip of mass-produced coffee from convenience stores or the big Seattle-based chain. No matter, I always take it black.

Al Dente Noodles

While visiting Japan last year, I ate at a ramen shop and noticed that noodles were cooked al dente. Since then, I’ve eaten noodle soups and pasta dishes and noticed that most restaurants overcook! Rare exceptions in Honolulu include Marukame Udon and Tenkaippin Ramen.

Clash of Clans  

 I spent countless hours of my youth in front of the TV playing video games. Since such leisure time is no longer available, I spend a few minutes a day playing Clash of Clans, a massive multiplayer online game in which players build villages and armies, then attack each other.

Kim Koki

Circulation Manager


The best kind are early morning walks with my Hubby at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Rainbow Drive-In

Great place for a family meal, especially with gravy over everything.


I love to shake it while leading or just participating in Zumba classes. Fitness and fun at the same time.  



Missy Ross

Account Coordinator

My Daughter and Her Athletics  

Maia’s volleyball schedule, which includes both club and high school teams, is almost all year long. Then, add in her paddling for Lanikai Canoe Club and throwing the discus for her school’s track team. I enjoy attending these functions and spending the time with her.

Eyelash Curler

I won’t go anywhere without one. My friends tease me that they’re going to turn it into a charm on my necklace. It’s all I need for makeup as it opens my eyes and brightens my face.


If there’s a microphone, I will sing! Any time of the day works for me because I enjoy it so much and find it very therapeutic.

Justin White

Associate Art Director


Will Smith and Wu-Tang were the soundtrack to some of my most formative years. The raw aggression and power of unfiltered creative expression opened up an entire culture that continues to influence my sense of fashion, language and social etiquette. Years later, I now feel comfortable enough to write and perform my own songs.


The board graphics and videos drew me in and the rebelliousness and lone-wolf nature kept me going. Since stepping on one in sixth grade, skateboarding has helped me express my discontent with social norms and the status quo.


What began as copying what I saw in comic books or on TV has turned into creating logos, posters and paintings. Visual art lets me share my thoughts with the world when words fail me.

Mary Pigao

Associate Art Director

Poke Bowls  

Who doesn’t love poke? As an unofficial poke bowl connoisseur, I think the best affordable poke bowl is from Foodland at Market City. My fave: spicy ahi.


Stand up paddle boarding is my serene escape. It’s a great way to spend time alone out on water, get a good workout and soak up the sun.

Tasaka Guri-Guri

It’s not ice cream, sherbet or shave ice, it’s just guri-guri. This unique frozen treat can only be found at Tasaka’s small shop at the Maui Mall in my hometown, Kahului.

Dennis Hollier

Senior Writer

Gregg Shorthand

I may not be blazingly fast (ca. 110-words per minute), but I’m still awed by a system that’s both elegant and devilishly clever.

Deep Fryer  

Tempura onion rings, Kentucky fried chicken, Panko shrimp. Say no more.http://hawaiibusiness.com/admin/pages/Home/index.php?itm=9438&mid=1334&parentitem=1943&parentview=edit_issue&view=edit_page

My Friend’s Alberg 30

For an old sailor, the only thing better than having your own “classic plastic” is having a friend with a boat. All the enjoyment, none of the costs.

Matt Weinberg

Account Manager

“The Power of One”

The book by Bryce Courtenay is a story of courage in the face of incredible adversity. Always a good read.

Tool in Concert

The band Tool live is a mind-bending blend of sight and sound that captivates from start to finish. They easily give the best live performance I have ever seen.

Exploring During a Long Layover  

I’ve enjoyed several of these but the most memorable was an eight-hour layover in San Francisco on the way to Peru. Great food, interesting people, good conversation and live music on the water. Doesn’t get better than that!


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