May 2007

Cover Story

Gen Y

How Boomer Babies are Changing the Workplace

Working Girls

Profile of a Gen-Yer and her baby boomer mother


The Story of Big Mike

Mike Harrah is a daredevil and a developer. Sometimes, he is both at once. Now, he wants to make a lasting mark in Hawaii

Home Sweet Home

A bold personnel initiative, which fundamentally transforms the way the Army works, fights and lives, may also alter the Island’s economic and social landscape

Casualties of War

Former Vietnam combat medic and Helping Hands Hawaii case manager Clay Park is still saving lives


Spin Zone

Spin Zone

Where Hawaii’s leaders face off

Talk Story

The Dean of Giving

Nancy Pace discusses the importance of volunteerism

Editor's Note

The How and Y of the Generation Gap


Driven By Design

Honolulu Design Center

This Month's Parting Shot:

Parting Shot

A portrait of Hawaii business life