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Editor's Note

Focusing on Big Issues and Being Useful

Photo: David Croxford

There’s little doubt that statehood for Hawaii in August 1959 was the single most important event in the Islands’ modern history. Whether you believe that statehood was good for Hawaii or a terrible mistake, there’s no question it changed everything.

Over the next few months, you will see a lot of excellent coverage in the local media about the enormous changes over the past 50 years. But at Hawaii Business, we wanted to look not to the past but to the future — the next 50 years. So our acting executive editor, Jerry Burris, has asked a group of local political, business, civic and social leaders to reflect on the future that we and our children will share.

To launch this series, Talk Story — The Next 50 Years, former Gov. Ben Cayetano talks about his vision of Hawaii’s future. As usual, Cayetano speaks honestly and provocatively.

If you have a vision of the next 50 years, please tell us about it. Send your ideas to or mail a letter to us at 1000 Bishop St., Suite 405, Honolulu, HI 96813. We will publish some of those visions in the magazine and on our Web site,

This month, we also launch a pair of interesting and useful columns. The Corner Office Curmudgeon has come to rescue all of us who are confronted with work situations we don’t know how to handle. Every month, he’ll field questions from readers about rude co-workers, stupid rules, business etiquette and other impediments to corporate utopia. This former Honolulu senior executive has seen and done it all, and now that he has retired, he has time to laugh at the rest of us working slobs and offer his advice. Good fun and useful, too.

And it’s not as if work was the only thing we had to worry about. Somehow we have to squeeze in time for family, romance, shopping, commuting and the rest of life. Offering help is Balancing Act, a monthly column by Bev Creamer, one of Hawaii’s most experienced reporters and moms. The premiere article is about giving your children a secure atmosphere even in these troubled times.

I’m excited about all the changes we are making to Hawaii Business. Each month, we are focused on two things: analyzing important issues that affect Hawaii’s businesses and economy, and being useful to business owners and managers. We want you to come away with new perspectives or with information that can help your company succeed.

Thank you for investing your time with us.

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