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2014 Education & Career Advancement Guide

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Dr. Warren Evans, Argosy University Hawai’i Campus President, at their downtown campus

Argosy University Hawaii

Why would a working professional choose to go to graduate school? For starters, the master’s degree is fast replacing the bachelor’s as the minimum requirement for many professions, according to U.S. News and World Report. Plus, for those who hold degrees higher than a bachelor’s, median weekly earnings are, on average,  40 percent higher than for those whose highest degree is a bachelor’s, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Argosy University Hawaii recognizes the importance a graduate degree can play in the lives of its students, and it’s tailored its programs to meet this demand. Best known for its strong clinical psychology program, the school also offers students an array of opportunities in everything from business to education, to criminal justice and even liberal arts and health sciences. But perhaps what’s most notable is the attention to detail the university has provided to offering curriculum with flexibility for working professionals.

Not only does the main campus reside in Downtown Honolulu, but classes are also offered on evenings and weekends, and for undergraduates and those seeking MBAs (master’s in business administration) or MSOLs (master’s of science in organizational leadership), classes are offered in five-week programs, with three sessions per semester.  This gives students a chance to finish those degrees in one to one-and-a-half years. Another bonus: The university has 19 campuses across the nation, making transfers to other campuses seamless.

“If you get relocated to D.C. or Seattle, you can go to one of our campuses there,” says Dr. Zachary Oliver, vice president of academic affairs and an Argosy graduate.

What else makes Argosy stand out for working professionals? The MSOL is particularly intriguing.

“Because of our school’s tradition as a psychology school, this degree focuses on the people side of business,” says Dr. Warren Evans, campus president. “Students learn about motivation and how to help their employees grow.”

Kimberly Perez Hults, a graduate of the school’s master’s in business administration (MBA) program and campus outreach representative, enjoyed the classes in which MSOL and MBA students mixed together.

“Everyone brought something different to the classes,” Perez Hults says. “It was really good networking, too.”

If you are interested in learning more about Argosy, contact Perez Hults at 808-791-5249 or email her: kperezhults@argosy.edu.

Argosy University
1001 Bishop Street, Suite 400
Honolulu HI 96813