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2014 Founders and Visionaries

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Many of Hawaii's companies started with a vision, idea, or goal.

Whether it's an individual or group of founders, their determination and acumen built them into what we know today. From humble beginnings, rapid growth, and the innovations that come about from maturity, find out how these companies carry on their legacy in this latest edition of Founders & Visionaries.

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From L to R: Ben Duquette, Kim Mayberry, John Fisher

The Delivery People

We Deliver Hawaii

Eight years ago, John Fisher sought to solve a problem for businesses based in Hawaii. The problem lay with the fact that these Islands depend on shipments for their very livelihood. The majority of our goods come from elsewhere, and Fisher noticed that businesses were using multiple carriers to get the jobs done.

“Rather than use several different carriers for their shipments, we wanted to offer them one solution,” Fisher says.

That’s when he founded The Delivery People, of which he is company president. Before that, Fisher worked as a produce broker, importing fruits and vegetables. He’s no stranger to the transportation industry, so when he saw an opportunity to solve a problem for businesses in Hawaii, he knew he could fix it.

The company specializes in providing full-service, door-to-door transportation, moving goods into, out of, and within the state of Hawaii—whether it’s by land, ocean or air.

Two years after the company’s inception in Maui, The Delivery People expanded its reach and opened a headquarters in Honolulu. In the midst of the recession, when virtually all businesses were cutting back, Fisher decided to invest. Not only did The Delivery People add one more location, but soon after they added another in Los Angeles. Three years later, they opened another in Chicago. Why the focus on these locations?

“Opening an office in Honolulu gave us more presence,” Fisher says. “In Los Angeles, we are at the place that serves as the largest gateway to Hawaii.”

The focus has and always will be serving Hawaii. The added location in Chicago was no different.

“Chicago is a hub,” Fisher says. “It’s the Midwestern hub for freight coming to Hawaii.”

The Delivery People isn’t just adding locations, though. They’re also using technology to streamline efficiencies and create more transparency for their customers. Customer service is at the heart of what drives the company forward.

“The big thing we do is follow-through on commitments,” Fisher says. “The fact that we are a transportation company is secondary. Customers come to us with a problem, and it’s our job to solve that efficiently and effectively.”


The Delivery People
1122 Mapunapuna Street
Honolulu, HI 96819