November 2001

Cover Story


Minivan Mystique

This vehicle is not just for soccer moms anymore.

Big Projects, Big Island


Thank goodness, the Big Island economy does not only depend on tourism.

Everything Old Is New Again

Auto designers take a look back to make cars for the future.

Post-Terrorism Tourism

How did hawaii’s tourism industry react to Sept. 11?


Thank Goodness, the Big Island Does Not Only Depend on Tourism

A Medical Emergency

Cuts in federal reimbursements, a sluggish economy and recent layoffs have put Hawaii’s hospitals in critical condition.

Fun Land Facts


Queen Liliuokalani Trust

James Campbell Estate

Luxury Boxes

High-end automakers slap prestigious logos on sport utility vehicles.

The Resilient Island

After the Sept. 11 tragedy, Hawaii-based companies on Guam continue to survive.


You will be surprised to learn to whom Hawaii belongs.

Compiling the Top

Hedging Your Bets

Terrorist attacks have led to a surge of interest in travel insurance.

Wireless Ways

Some say it’s a necessity for the hotel of today.

Compiling the Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners

Outrigger Enterprises Inc.

Compiling the Top

Victoria Ward Ltd.

Cream of the Crop

A look at the team that researched this year's data.