November 2001

Cover Story


Big Projects, Big Island

The Resilient Island

After the Sept. 11 tragedy, Hawaii-based companies on Guam continue to survive.

Post-Terrorism Tourism

How did hawaii’s tourism industry react to Sept. 11?

Everything Old Is New Again

Auto designers take a look back to make cars for the future.

Outrigger Enterprises Inc.

Fun Land Facts

James Campbell Estate

Queen Liliuokalani Trust

Compiling the Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners

Luxury Boxes

High-end automakers slap prestigious logos on sport utility vehicles.

Compiling the Top

Victoria Ward Ltd.


You will be surprised to learn to whom Hawaii belongs.

A Medical Emergency

Cuts in federal reimbursements, a sluggish economy and recent layoffs have put Hawaii’s hospitals in critical condition.



Thank Goodness, the Big Island Does Not Only Depend on Tourism

Compiling the Top

Cream of the Crop

A look at the team that researched this year's data.


Thank goodness, the Big Island economy does not only depend on tourism.

Hedging Your Bets

Terrorist attacks have led to a surge of interest in travel insurance.

Minivan Mystique

This vehicle is not just for soccer moms anymore.

Wireless Ways

Some say it’s a necessity for the hotel of today.