November 2002

Cover Story

Big General Growth

The purchase of Victoria Ward makes it one of Hawaii’s top three landowners

This Land is Your Land...

The Alii trusts confront the Honolulu City Council about a controversial bill that threatens their landowners’ rights

MN Capital Partners LLC

Waikiki Pioneers

James Steiner’s descendants make the cut with two choice acres

Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners

Everything old is new again

Hawaii Business and MN Capital Partners LLC Compile Hawaii's Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners


(Still) Open For Business

Rodney Chun keeps Ala Moana’s Robins shoe store running, even after its sister stores close their doors

How Long Will The Ride Last?

Auto sales surge this year, but dealers are cautiously optimistic

Quick Comeback

Returning visitors. Busy realtors. And construction workers everywhere. No wonder Big Island residents are optimistic

Identity Theft

Simple Little Solutions To Protect Yourself


The Unwanted Daily Visitor


A Reminder To Always Be Alert


More Powerful Than PIN Numbers and Passwords

Out WithThe Old

Retailers that don’t move with the trends often get left behind


Be Safe On The Cyber Road

Hawaii 2020

A view of the future

The Art of Zed

Nissan’s 350z zooms out of the starting gate