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All in a Day's Workout

Despite busy schedules, some business people still find time to exercise. Six of them share their secrets.

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Creative ways to get fit on weekdays:

• In small-group meetings, leave the office and walk together around the neighborhood. Keep comfortable shoes at work.

• Set an hourly computer alert to remind yourself to leave your desk. Stretch, walk around the office or run errands.

• Schedule workouts into your calendar first, then schedule business meetings.

• Wake up two hours earlier on weekdays to exercise. Train your body to sleep early at night by eating dinner early and spending less time in front of the TV and on the Internet.

• Organize an employee-fitness day once a month or quarter, to encourage healthy lifestyles.

• When talking on the phone, walk around, do squats, lunges and calve raises. Colleagues will think you are strange, but they’ll get over it.

• Think of your workday as a workout. Take the stairs. Park your car in the farthest parking stall to encourage walking. Wear a pedometer to track the number of steps you take each day. Offer to lift or carry office equipment and supplies.

• Also, maximize your weekends. Arrange hikes, beach outings, ball games and other outdoor activities with friends and family.

• If you still can’t find the time to exercise, review your commitments. Cut out unnecessary obligations and simplify your life. Your health is too important.

– Ruby Alvarez, Jeri Yamamoto, Ed Kurzenski, Ryan Yamauchi, Jay Morford and Richard Ho

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