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POP Family: We asked, you answered

What’s the quirkiest, most interesting or most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?

“A voodoo doll." (secret santa gift)
- Annette Gima
DTRIC Insurance, Pan Am Building

"For my wedding, I received a live baby pig tied with a huge red bow.”
- Brenda Gartner, RN, CEN
United Healthcare Community and State-Evercare Hawaii, Davies Pacific Center

“I got a bottle of ketchup because I put ketchup on my Zippy’s chili, in mass amounts, like it’s going out of style.”
- Leila Davalos, LPN
Americhoice Community and State-Evercare Hawaii, Davies Pacific Center

“… [ For my 10th birthday, my dad] went around to department stores in Germany (where I was born and where he still lives) and picked up about 10 of those little perfume samples the sales people give out. The shipping from Germany to Florida (where I was living at the time) cost more than the samples.”
- Franziska Roessy
Stryker, Weiner & Yokota Public Relations Inc.
Davies Pacific Center


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