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The smartest companies know that “going to work” is about more than punching the clock each day. It’s also about providing an environment where employees can enjoy each others’ company and give back to their neighbors.

These two key initiatives turn a run-of-the-mill workplace environment into an enriching one — one that deepens its members understanding of company values and mission, and one that encourages workplace fulfillment and pride. But most of all, giving back to the community and to others reaffirms an important reason for forming such companies in the first place: In addition to successful business ventures, companies contribute to the growth and improvement of communities. 

The Pacific Office Properties group champions community growth through company involvement. On page 8, read about four POP family members who make “giving back” a fun, exciting and impactful venture. On page 4, meet Jill Baldemor, executive director of Teach For America’s Hawaii region, and find out how she helps promote quality education in Hawaii (while maintaining the job of busy mom to three kids). On page 5, discover five companies who put employee appreciation and team-building at the top of their agenda.

Whether it’s through hiking, preparing a garden bed, sharing a meal or playing a game of bocce ball, POP family members know how to have a good time, and make a difference in the process. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did. 


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