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Meet the new members of the Pacific Office community.

Photo: David Croxford


RevoluSun’s new sustainable-space headquarters in the 5,300 square-foot penthouse of the Pan Am Building “walks the talk” with 80 percent of its renovation done with recycled materials. Natural daylight from its 17th-floor perch reaches the open office interior, thanks to three walls of windows. The interior features ecofriendly flooring, recycled carpeting and VOC (Low Volatile Organic Compound) painted walls.

“We wanted a space that reflected our commitment to clean, renewable energy that could also serve as a meeting space and showroom for solar technology and sustainable construction,” says Eric Carlson, marketing principal for RevoluSun, which moved to the Pan Am Building in February 2011.

It’s a far cry from 2009 when the five RevoluSun partners, experienced professionals in solar energy and construction, established the company in a 600-square-foot office in Chinatown. A year later, RevoluSun had grown to be Hawaii’s leading solar installer with 34 percent of the residential and commercial market. In November 2010, it introduced the first solar-lease program in partnership with SunRun to make residential installations more affordable. By the end of 2011, it plans to franchise to the Mainland.

With education and community outreach major RevoluSun initiatives, the company works with schools and presents solar- energy seminars to the public. And it continues to grow, taking an additional 3,000 square feet on the Pan Am Building’s eighth floor.

Find it at:  Pan Am Building
1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1700

Photo: Olivier Koning

Goodenow & Associates

Veteran private investigators Terry Pennington and Joe Cabrejos handle criminal, civil and insurance cases, litigation support, background checks and more for attorneys and private individuals, as well as big businesses and government agencies. They’ve worked major government cases, such as the landmark Bishop Estate trustees case that began in 1997, and helped nab counterfeiters in order to protect the intellectual-property rights of designer-label couturiers. The partners have owned and operated Goodenow Associates, Hawaii’s oldest and largest full-service private investigation agency, since 1980.

Goodenow & Associates was founded in 1966 by a former FBI agent. Pennington and Cabrejos now own the company and run its investigative division out of home offices. Two of its other, rapidly growing divisions, pre-employment and biometric screenings, moved into the Clifford Center in August 2011. 

The pre-employment division, managed by Jason Kim, provides extensive computer-based checks on criminal and credit-card histories, educational verification and professional licensing. Chuck McKee manages the biometric division’s fingerprint-verification service required of workers in such industries as home health care and teaching.

“Investigators have to be curious, determined, committed to confidentiality for their clients and able to get people to talk,” Pennington says. “But it’s not what most people think.” They don’t carry guns (he’s had to only twice in his 30-year career). “And I never get the girl,” he adds, with a grin.

Find it at: Clifford Center
810 Richards St., Suite 304


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