October 2001

Cover Story

Heaven Sent

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Breathe Life into Hawaii's High-Tech Industry.


Kona Gold and Maui Wowie

Neighbor Island Real Estate is High

Biotech Bubble

Here's why venture capitalists are banking on biotechnology.

Cades Schutte Fleming & Wright A Limited Liability Law Company

Tradition of Excellence, Commitment to Quality Client Service

Law Firms

Ranked by number of Lawyers

Minor Accounts, Major Banks

Financial Institutions Cater to Kids 17 and Under.

All In The Family

Finance Enterprises Refocuses Through Finance Factors.

Breaking Through The Clutter

Slick Ads Help Banks Go After Business

Incubating The Future

An Industry In Its Infancy Takes Stock and Looks Forward.

High-Tech, High Hopes

An Industry In Its Infancy Takes Stock and Looks Forward.

Case Bigelow & Lombardi

Comitted to Your Success for Over 100 Years.

Investor Relations

All Islands, All The Time

Century 21 All Islands Makes Real Estate an Inter-Island Affair

Herbert Chock & Associates, Inc.

Brooks Tom Porter & Quitiquit, LLP

Law Firm Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing

Dwyer Schraff Meyer Jossem & Bushnell

Hickam Federal Credit Union Listened to its Members When it Developed it New Interactive Web Site

Condo Mania

Condominims are the Newest Crop Growing on Kauai's Agriculture Land

Merger of the Magazines

The nation’s oldest regional business magazine joins forces with the nation’s oldest city publication.

Paul Johnson Park & Niles

Economies of Scale

Traditionally a mom-and-pop industry, aquaculture reeled in record revenues last year.