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Vicky Cayetano

President and Chief Executive Officer, United Laundry Services, Inc.

Vicky Cayetano has sat in the same office since she started with United Laundry Services Inc. 14 years ago. She has no desire to move into a larger, fancier office. Nor does she wish to replace the company’s original conference table (not pictured, but situated off to the right in her office) with something modern. “It’s actually a door fastened to some legs I brought in from home,” she says. “When we first started we didn’t have the budget to buy a real conference table, and I’ve kept it as a reminder that we musn’t forget our roots and how far we’ve traveled.”

The goose and golden egg are similar reminders. “I attended a seminar where the mantra was ‘You never kill the goose that laid the golden egg’,” she says. “We have to balance ourselves and never overwork ourselves to the point where we can’t produce anymore.” Cayetano finds balance by working out after work (she keeps her workout clothes in the closet behind her desk), and spending quality time with her family. The photos on her desk are of her husband, Gov. Benjamin Cayetano, and two children: William, 15; and Marissa 17. When they were in kindergarten and third grade, respectively, William and Marissa painted the framed artwork hanging on the wall.

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