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Power Brokers: Agents of Change

They've got the position, they've got the power. Can they save our Island world as we know it?

In the fourth edition of Hawaii Business' Power Issue, we decided to do something a little different. We know that "Power Brokers: Agents of Change" sounds like a summer blockbuster action movie, and thanks to illustrator Dextor Doi and art director Wes Funai, it looks like it, too. However, as we were mulling over the happenings of 2005, it struck us that there were a slew of significant developments in the state that could (in the right hands) alter the economic, political and physical landscape. So we decided to focus on six movers and shakers who this year put themselves or were put into positions to be great catalysts for change. With apologies to Dick Tracy and the rest of the comics world, we present our 2005 Power List.