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Seeing Double

If you happen to see multiple copies of this issue, then you may notice that we’re paying tribute to our fittest CEOs with two different covers. One features Chip Doyle, president of Group Pacific (Hawaii) Inc., the other, Ruth Limtiaco, CEO of the Limtiaco Co.

Both Chip and Ruth are outstanding examples of fitness and we wanted to highlight both of their accomplishments. Assistant Creative Director Wes Funai came up with a pretty simple solution: Two covers. This necessitated double-time for Wes, Associate Art Director Janelle Kalawe, photographer Scott Kubo and stylist Sherri Hee. They spent hours shooting Chip one sunny day out in beautiful Lanikai, where he lives and kayaks. The next day, they were in East Oahu, where Ruth often hikes with her dogs and works out at 24 Hour Fitness.

The result of their 200-percent effort is two stunning covers (go to to see the one you didn’t get) and great photos on the inside. Combine that with the stories by Hawaii Business’ David K. Choo and Scott Radway and you’ve got a Fittest CEO package that is a must-read. You owe it to yourself and your company to take health and wellness to the next level. And we hope to see you and your company’s CEO at next year's competition.

LOOKING GOOD: Assistant Creative Director Janelle Kalawe assists photographer Scott T. Kubo in getting just the right shots of Fittest CEOs Chip Doyle (top) and Ruth Limtiaco (bottom). photos: Wes Funai

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