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2013 Founders & Visionaries - Wahine Edition

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Truly powerful women inspire others. They don’t talk about what they want. They go out and get it. The remarkable women featured in this section exude an incredible work ethic, and they are driven by a dream to succeed. See how they became pillars in the community, as they look back on how they got here, and look ahead to the future.





Jenkins Eye Care

Tyrie Lee Jenkins, M.D.

From a young age Dr. Tyrie Jenkins was drawn to the field of medicine. Inspired by stories of her grandparents, both successful doctors and medical missionaries, Jenkins was determined to develop her career and expertise to reach communities in need.

Jenkins was trained at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, one of the top ophthalmology programs in the nation. After years at a successful practice, she set out on her own mission to bring cutting edge technology to Hawaii in 1989.

Jenkins contributed data to the FDA for the approval of LASIK surgery and ranked among the top five percent of eye surgeons in the nation. She performed the first LASIK surgery in Hawaii in 1997. Continuing on this path of innovation, Jenkins introduced the islands to many procedures over the years such as laser assisted cataract surgery (LenSx®) and most recently the iStent® trabecular micro-bypass stent surgery to reduce pressure for patients suffering from both cataracts and glaucoma.

“I still love to learn new procedures,” says Jenkins. “I have years of surgical experience to build on and so far I feel up to the challenge of introducing new techniques that will ultimately improve the quality of eye care here in Hawaii.”

Some of the techniques Jenkins has introduced are referred to as “disruptive technology,” meaning these procedures will change the way doctors perform surgeries for years to come; resulting in safer surgeries with more predictable results.

This care and concern for the local community is a driving force in Jenkins’ practice as well. “We try to make our patients feel like family,” she says. “When I give advice to patients, I say to them -- if you were my brother, mother or uncle, this is what would I suggest.” Staying true to these principles has guided Jenkins through more than 20 years of practicing in the islands.


615 Pi‘ikoi Street, Suite 205
Honolulu, HI 96814
YouTube: Jenkinseyecare
Twitter: @jenkinseyecare

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