Rent Out Your Driveway with StallShare


Traffic can be bad enough, so you don’t want parking hassles to compound your misery. That’s why Spencer Toyama and Jason Sewell have created a solution to some parking problems – and a way for property owners to make extra cash.


The co-founders of Sudokrew Solutions, a software and web services company, have created StallShare, a web platform for people to rent unused driveway space to commuters or neighbors by the month. “Sign up to be part of a parking solution!” Stallshare’s website exclaims. “We’ll help you find one another, faster and easier.”

Jason Sewell and Spencer Toyama, founders of Stallshare

Photo: Courtesy of StallShare

Multiple Uses

StallShare isn’t limited to driveways. Toyama, the project manager, and Sewell, the solutions architect, say it’s a way for companies to better manage parking resources and rental properties. If you have extra parking spots during some days or parts of the day, rent them to people who need them.

“It can manage anything where there is an inventory,” Toyama says, and it can be tailored to a client’s needs.

“We can automate the transaction part so people don’t have to write checks,” Sewell says, thereby saving paper and time by using credit cards instead.


At its core, stallshare is an inventory-management system, says Sewell, whose experience includes years of IT work in the hotel industry. It can be customized to schedule appointments for renters or for property managers and leasing agents.

Stallshare is being tried locally and on a limited basis, in part to allow for feedback, Toyama says. “The closed feedback loop allows for people to say, ‘I wish you would do this.’ ”

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