September 2007

Cover Story

Fight Club

Mixed martial arts goes from rebel sport to money maker


Small Footprint, Big Shoes

A famous nameplate brings both opportunities and challenges for the developers of Trump Tower Waikiki


Spin Zone

Spin Zone

Where Hawaii’s Leaders Face Off

Talk Story

Talk Story

John Komeiji has only had one job interview. It was 28 years ago, for an entry-level position at the powerhouse law firm he’s now a partner and namesake of, Watanabe Ing & Komeiji. With nearly...

Editor's Note

Things Worth Fighting For


Petri to Petrol

As researchers look for new ways to make ethanol from crops, a University of Hawaii professor believes he has found a quick and dirty solution to our energy challenges: bacteria.

This Month's Parting Shot:

Parting Shot

A portrait of Hawaii business life