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Tech Essentials: Photos that make your business stand out online

Effective business websites often use a lot of photos that feature real products, services and people from their business. Here are tips for better website photos.



Katherine Kelsey tending bar at California Pizza Kitchen

Photo: Courtesy Shaley Degiorgio

Highlight your location.

Whether it’s inside or outside, Hawaii provides endless opportunities for iconic images – photos of people with beautiful backdrops, culture, diversity and style. You’ll always get the nicest shots at dawn and dusk, when the light is soft and warm. If you’re shooting inside, use as much natural light as possible during the day.

Think about how the photo will be used.

It’s good to zoom in, crop and capture the angle, but online, you often need banner images that use only a narrow slice of your photo. Look for opportunities to feature your subject with a wide background, so you can crop into the piece you need.

Build your library.

When an opportunity presents itself, take lots of photos. Photographers will shoot hundreds of photos to get one perfect shot. Digital photos make it cheap so don’t hold back.

Paigey’s Patchwork hair accessories –

Photo: Courtesy Shaley Degiorgio

Get down to the level.

Almost everything looks better photographed straight on – children, food, pets, flowers – and that sometimes means you must get down low to highlight your subject’s best features.

Use your flash outdoors.

Hawaii has lots of natural light, sometimes too much, especially at noon, when harsh shadows can ruin a good shot. Turn on your flash outdoors to help cut harsh shadows.

India Bazaar plate lunch (yellow rice,
tofu curry, coconut curry and lentil
spinach) -

Photo: Courtesy Shaley Degiorgio

Lock your focus and recompose.

Having trouble getting a good shot of something that isn’t dead centered? Center the subject, lock the focus, and move left or right before taking the picture to create a more dynamic composition.

Compose your subjects.

Whether you are photographing people or things, don’t hesitate to move them around until you see a nice shot. People expect to be arranged when you are taking their photo; move them until the light is nice and nobody is squinting, adjust collars, and remind them to stand straight.

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Sep 7, 2012 04:08 am
 Posted by  Communication Links

Hi HO,
Such fun to peek in and see what you are doing these days! Is this all Shaley or a joint effort with Sebastian?
Excellent advise for "wanna-be photographers". Clear, easy to follow and well demonstrated. I will look forward to seeing my first copy.

Wondering if you can offer a "sample copy" to new accounts to let them decide if their needs will be met and they want to continue. I am a small frog in the big Internet Pond. Even I feel bombarded by new Stuff and choices.

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