April 2009

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Franchising Lessons

Sara Lufrano of Aloha Salads speaks out about franchising her company to maintain quality and manage resources.

5 Steps to Getting a Building Permit

Nancy Kaya, owner of Kaya Permit Processors and an 18-year veteran of the business, offers these tips to homeowners and business owners on how to make the process of obtaining a business permit...

The Pitch: Taking the Work Out of Play

Venati Games pitches an idea of merging casual gaming with virtual worlds in a new genre, hopefully combining the best of both worlds.

Still Standing

Norm Winter speaks about Jelly's business survival - mixing old and new music, books and more.

Ask SmallBiz: Connect with customers with blogs and Twitter

Using social networks such as twitter and blogs allows companies to connect with customers on different levels.

Ask SmallBiz: Succeed in a slow economy

What types of businesses historically have done well in a slow-growth economy, and what kind of tips can you provide that will improve my chances for success if I want to start a business this year?

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