2008 SmallBiz Success Awards

2008 SmallBiz Success Awards

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Radiology Associates                
of Hawaii                  

Dr. Jeffrey Yu, chief executive officer and managing, Radiology Associates of Hawaii
When Dr. Jeffrey Yu became chief executive officer and managing partner of Radiology Associates of Hawaii (RAI) in 2002, he quickly moved to transition the film-based practice into a state-of-the-art operation that incorporated technology into all levels of the practice, including equipment, facilities, billing and operations.

The result? RAI has doubled its profit margins since Yu’s arrival. The 37-year-old firm has also earned acclaim for its innovations in the field, from being one of the first companies to transition from film to digital images, to being the first to provide secure reports to physicians via the Internet.

Of course, such high-tech enhancements don’t come cheaply. Yu estimates the company spent up to $2.5 million during the transition. RAI also invested about $10 million in its AccuImaging operations. Future plans call for introducing new technology and improving accessibility to the public.

Yu says that pushing the limits of what can be done with imaging has attracted a top-of-the-line staff of physicians. RAI currently employs 46 full-time workers. “If you’re innovative in the market, you can get people who are excited about what you’re trying to do,” he says. “We’ve been very fortunate to get really good people who share our vision of making imaging a better experience for our clients.”

- Lance Tominaga

Rego's Purity
Foods Co. Inc.                                  

Scott Stevenson, president, Rego's Purity Foods Co. Inc

Scott Stevenson, president, Rego's Purity Foods Co. Inc


Ever since he was 11 years old, all Scott Stevenson wanted to do in life was run his family’s sausage company. “I never envisioned myself doing anything else,” he recalls. “This is all I ever wanted.”

Known for its line of Portuguese sausages, Rego’s Purity Foods was founded in 1957 by Stevenson’s grandfather, Al Rego, who had worked at Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui, and Rego’s brother Leonard. Stevenson’s father, Jack Stevenson, served as the general manager. By the time Scott took the reins of the company as president in 1997, however, Rego’s Purity Foods was on the brink of bankruptcy.

“My grandfather needed to upgrade his facilities, but he didn’t want to spend the money,” explains Stevenson. “So he outsourced production [to a manufacturing plant in San Jose] in 1994. Things went from bad to worse, and that’s when I got involved.”

Placing a priority on quality control, Stevenson brought half of the production work back to Oahu, where the sausage is made at a facility in Kapolei. He also mortgaged his home to fund nearly $400,000 in equipment upgrades, including the purchase of a vacuum bowl chopper which, he says, makes a sausage of superior quality.

Rego’s Purity Foods has enjoyed a 10 percent to 15 percent annual revenue growth since 1997. Future plans, Stevenson says, include extending his product line. The company currently staffs six full-time employees.

“It’s our obsession with quality that has helped to grow our business,” says Stevenson.

- Lance Tominaga
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