2008 SmallBiz Success Awards

2008 SmallBiz Success Awards

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Wincubic.com Inc.                              

Hajime "Jim" Ueno, president and chief editor, Wincubic.com Inc.

Hajime "Jim" Ueno, president and chief editor, Wincubic.com Inc.

Wincubic.com Inc. is building success on the win-win-win philosophy its name symbolizes. The three-way “win” connects the company’s success with that of its customers and readers.

This multimedia company publishes Japanese-language tourist magazines and visitor guides and has a Web site. Wincubic’s flagship Japanese publication – Aloha Street magazine – is free. Some visitors enjoy Aloha Street so much that 3,000 have asked to subscribe and have the magazine sent to them in Japan to help plan return visits.

“It’s not your typical free publication, it’s more like a magazine,” says President and Chief Editor Hajime Ueno, referring to the high-quality design and original editorial content. The magazine introduces Japanese visitors to authentic Hawaii and its typical tourist attractions.

Wincubic also publishes annual travel planners for the Oahu and Big Island visitors bureaus, and last year, debuted Big Island editions of the magazine.

Since Ueno joined the company in 2001, Wincubic has grown in sales, products and circulation. Sales increased tenfold from 2000 to 2007 – to $2.7 million. Annual magazine circulation tops half-a-million and monthly hits to the companion Web site, www.aloha-street.com, are approaching 5 million.

The company is also starting to diversify. This year, Wincubic will begin offering Internet content in Korean, Chinese and English.

- Colette P. Fox

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