Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Business Philanthropy

Danny Boren, founder of Maui-based Skyline Eco Adventures, talks about the importance of philanthropy.

Lessons Learned: Launching a New Product

What started two years ago as a healthy vitamin and mineral water to combat jet lag has turned into Aloha Friday Beverages, which are designed to keep everyone healthy, every day.

Lessons Learned: Finding Partners

Scott Mercer of Volta Industries explains how his company expanded with the help of partners

Lessons Learned: Huggo's in Kailua-Kona

Executive chef and butcher at Huggo's restaurant explain where they get their fresh fish

Lessons Learned: Starting Anew

Eric Rose of Morning Glass Coffee and Cafe on coming up with his business idea, hiring the best and keeping it simple and local.

Lessons Learned: Housing Lessons

Terry Brooks of Housing Solutions talks about creating Sea Winds Apartments, a 50-unit project completed using government funding.

Lessons Learned: Overseas Lessons

James Freeman of FSC Architecture + Planning talks about size, technology and what it takes to succeed abroad.

Lessons Learned: Start up Lessons

Shawna Emery and Danni Fry of D&S Fry Plumbing explain growing their young business and working in a male-dominated field.

Lessons Learned: Expanding in the Pacific

Lyon Associates, Inc. is a Honolulu-based, father-and-son engineering firm with projects from Micronesia to Bahrain.

Adapting to Customer’s Needs

Evan Fujimoto of Graham Builders explains how conducting seminars helped identify customers' needs

Lessons Learned: Franchising Lessons

David Lelm of Maaco Auto Body Shop in Kailua-Kona talks about the transition from independent company to franchise

Launching a Business

Matthew Bittick talks about opening Bishop Street Commercial after the Great Recession

Launching a Business Group

As the Kakaako area transforms from industrial to work-live-play, these business owners found a need to organize and plan

Expansion Lessons

Nella Media Group's Chinatown Newspaper started in Honolulu, has expanded to Portland, and wants to add more cities

Connectivity Lessons

Architects Pacific bought all its employees iPhones, and now the team is more efficient, says the CEO

Building Customer Loyalty

Despite being less than a year old, Luibuenos Restaurant in Haleiwa already has a loyal following

Adaptive Lessons

Teri Edmonds changed careers and learned the lost art of shoe repair on Maui

Making a Hobby Your Business

Dustin Tester fell in love with surfing as a young girl. Here's how she turned her passion into a small business.

Exporting Lessons

When the economy tanked, Douglas Smith's business took off via exporting.

Mediation Lessons

John Bates’ job as a mediator is to help find common ground.

Customer Service Lessons

Jeremy Leonard of Pacific Pump and Power explains how his company takes customer feedback and turns it into positive results

Export Lessons

The CEO of Hawaiian Springs talks about rebranding his bottled water and selling it to the world

iPhone App Lessons

Daniel Leuck of software development company Ikayzo Inc. talks about the potential for mobile phone applications.

Competition Lessons

When Whole Foods came to town, Down to Earth differentiated itself and carved its niche

Tech-Buying Lessons

Jmi Bassett of Pacific Dental Implant Solutions finds that doing your research and finding a good consultant can save money when buying high-tech equipment

Adaptability Lessons

Retailer Audrey Fu used to run two trendy boutiques, but now she takes her products directly to her customers' homes

Family-Business Lessons

The secret to operating a successful family business is that the company will only function well if the family functions well first.

Marketing Lessons

Jon Jepson knows the Hawaiian seas like the back of his hand, but when he began marketing for Makani, the $1.8 million catamaran he helped hand-build, Jepson found himself testing new waters.

Telecommuting Lessons

Louis Darnell explains the benefits of telecommuting, which helps businesses save money and improve their employees’ quality of life.

Tech-Startup Lessons

Ben Leong founded Bluewater Multimedia so local graphic artists could have a place to work, but it wasn't easy. Here's his advice on starting a tech business.

Lobbying Lessons

Melissa Pavlicek, state director the of National Federation of Independent Business, fights for small businesses.

Changing-course Lessons

Max Botticelli M.D., president and CEO of UHA, says the company originally had plans to be a university-based practice of medicine but now supplies health insurance.

Success Lessons

Bev Gannon owns two thriving Maui restaurants, Haliimaile General Store and Joe’s Bar, a catering business, and is also the corporate chef for Hawaiian Airlines. She tells us what led to her...

Business-owning Lessons

Geoff Lee’s been a glassblower for 17 years – since his high school days at Punahou School, actually. But as a business owner, he’s relatively fresh to the field. In 2005, Lee opened a...

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