Business Experts Offer Good Advice to Wine the Experience

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Physical Space

Sofos said WTX’s location in Kilohana Square on Kapahulu Avenue is decent and the rent is suitable for Ball’s business concept. The space is used for retail, small events, wine production and storage.

To improve the interior, Sofos suggests repainting the walls with bolder, more modern colors, but since Shannon prefers earthy, softer tones, she says sage, deep orange, or blue will also make the store look more contemporary than its current pale yellow. She also suggests installing a neon sign on the back wall to attract business from drivers on Kapahulu Avenue and to give the wall an instant pop of color. Updating the store’s artwork to match the new color scheme and contemporary feel will also improve the ambiance.

Sofos also recommends moving the retail portion of the store to the rear and moving the seating area up front so passersby can see customers inside drinking wine or bottling.

“You can’t buy that kind of window dressing,” she says.

“People love to see other people, so those customers inside will actually help sell your product.”

Finally, Sofos says, it’s important for all employees to wear uniforms.

“Standardized uniforms are a must no matter how small your business is because it gives the appearance of professionalism and cleanliness,” she says. Even if it’s a solid polo shirt with the company logo or a hat or apron, it gives the business a more polished feel, she says.

Other space tips

• Stand outside your store and study what customers see before they enter. Are the setup, lighting, ambience, décor and music inviting? If not, change them immediately.

• Retail is about new concepts and ideas. The average life cycle of a retail concept is five to seven years, so it’s important to innovate, keep things fresh and re-create your concept, or consumers will get bored.


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