Business Experts Offer Good Advice to Wine the Experience

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Special events

Special events are about creating an experience – precisely what WTX prides itself on – which hopefully leads to an increase in sales and exposure. Hammond suggests a number of innovative events, one of them called, “Thirsty for an Experience.” She advises Shannon to create a portable wine experience, which could be a simple tabletop façade display with a few great props.

“The concept of this vignette could perhaps be Shannon’s own vision of a Hawaiian-style winery,” Hammond says. “The ever-popular food-station-style events often have wine stations, but I haven’t seen any that make a unique statement.”

Hammond suggests that Shannon also participate in events that draw a wide range of potential customers, such as the Made in Hawaii Festival or the Bridal Expo. Since there are only a few wine manufacturers in the state, Hammond says, WTX could be branded as the industry leader, “but you need to get out there,” she says.

By hosting potential clients – restaurant managers, caterers and event planners – at the store and allowing them to experience what WTX offers, the company could become top-of-mind for wine, Hammond says.

“Granted, this is a great deal of work, but these are high-volume, qualified targets that could pay off in the end when Shannon is the go-to guy for wine.” Hammond also emphasizes partnering with different companies to increase exposure and access to new markets.

“Partners will want to do their share to support the success of the event by sending out information to their own clients and social networks – viral marketing that can help to maximize the reach of the relationship,” Hammond says.

Other events tips

• Set measurable goals and devise tracking mechanisms to determine the success of each segment of your special-events marketing plan. “It’s important to be able to justify the expense and effort of each activity, measure the return on investment and see if goals are met,” Hammond says.

• Use samples of your best work – photos, brochures, artwork – to display as wall art in your office or store to spark customers’ interests and creativity for their own event planning.

• Every venture should have a bounce-back incentive built into the program and distributed to customers. Every bag out the door should have a promotional flyer to lure customers back within a given time. The same idea should apply for special events. Seize every opportunity to get a special offer or incentive into prospective clients’ hands.


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