SEO Tips for your Small Business

Build your website and they might come but optimize your website and customers will come

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It had already integrated tools online to track customers from click to close. So Prudential hired an SEO expert to take its site to the next level.

“SEO is a proven strategy that has helped us achieve clear business objectives, such as sales,” says Joe Segal, Prudential’s online marketing manager. “It’s important to have goals you can really achieve through SEO that you can directly measure.”

Since hiring Kido, traffic from search engines to its site has increased by 25 percent year over year, Segal says. About 30 percent of visitors to the site are new, and two-thirds of them found Prudential through a search engine.

“We’re generating new business through search engines,” Segal says. “The benefits are tremendous, especially in real estate, where something like 80 to 90 percent of people begin their searches online. For a business like real estate, you can’t ignore that.”

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