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Boom in the Hawaii Gun Business

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Hawaii’s Gun Laws

Hawaii’s gun laws are considered some of the strictest in the nation. State law requires handgun users to take a firearm certification and safety course, acquire a permit for gun ownership at a police station (where a background check, photograph and fingerprint sample are compiled), and two weeks or more later, go back to the police station after buying a firearm to have it registered.

Gun Safety

Photo: David Croxford

People who buy and collect guns are often the strongest advocates for gun safety. Chris Baker, president of the Hawaii Defense Foundation, offers these five precautions for owners who keep guns in their homes:

1. Keep guns unloaded until ready for use.
“First and foremost, firearms for self-defense should be ready for immediate use, meaning there is minimal interference or steps that need to be taken prior to being able to employ the tool. However, when a firearm is not designated for self-defense, it is important to keep it unloaded and safely secured.”

2. Store guns safely.
“Many firearms are inappropriately accessed by children or criminals. Consider storing your firearm in specially designed electronic safes that can keep people out, but can still be opened quickly with the proper combination or keypad entry if a self-defense situation arises. Avoid gimmicky biometric storage devices and dial-combination devices.”

3. Train and train again.
“Shooting is a perishable skill and, like any other workout, it requires frequent practice to be effective and safe. If you aren’t going to train with your gun, you aren’t going to be effective, and you may be more of a liability than a benefit. Continue to train, practice and educate yourself.”

4. More than just guns.
“Individuals should consider their available options in making their home an unappealing target for criminals. Some options are the use of lights, locks, fences, security cameras, alarm systems and even your favorite dog. Although nothing can be guaranteed, using these features may make your home and family unattractive to criminals and prevent something bad from ever happening.”

5. A sensible mindset.
“Many times people wait until something bad has happened to take some sort of action or preventative step. I highly encourage people to think ahead. This doesn’t just mean about guns, but might include first-aid and CPR training, storing water, conducting fire and security drills, teaching kids how to respond to strangers and so forth. Practice provides us an opportunity to better prepare ourselves to respond in a critical situation.”

Learn More

To find out more about the Hawaii Public Shooting Range, plan to attend the Hawaii Friends of NRA dinner and auction at the Kona Beach Hotel on Nov. 2. Call (808) 960-9348 for more information.

There will be another Friends of NRA dinner and auction on Nov. 10 at the Officer’s Club at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe. Call (808) 225-7873.

Gun Show

The Honolulu Gun Show is Oct. 6-7 at the Neal Blaisdell Center. Attendees can trade, sell or purchase modern firearms, antique guns, custom knives, military collectibles, historical items, hunting gear, taxidermy and more. To learn more, use this online shortcut,

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