Agents of Innovation

September, 2006

When I started with Hawaii Business a little more than seven years ago, we were a one-magazine, 10-employee company, sharing the second floor of a local car dealership on Ala Moana Boulevard. Then, as now, the only constant we could count on was change.

Change, we have. Hawaii Business is now part of a family of publications, including Honolulu, Hawaii Home + Remodeling and Ala Moana magazines, under the umbrella of PacificBasin Communications. PacBasin now boasts 49 employees and has the potential to grow even more. It is just one of a diverse group of companies under aio Hawaii, a local holding company.

A wise man told me recently, if you are not growing, you’re dying. It’s a depressing thought, in some ways, however, it’s pretty well documented that human beings start dying sometime in their 20s, after they stop growing.

I believe our company’s rapid growth speaks to the quality and health of our publications and mirrors what’s been happening with the Hawaii economy over the past decade.

It also says a lot about the people who make Hawaii Business what it is today. It takes great work and teamwork from all departments – editorial, production, sales, circulation, marketing, etc. Recently, our magazine did a presentation for our parent company, PacificBasin Communications, about where we’ve been and where we’re going. It was an honor for me to speak for our editorial team, a group of talented, creative and committed individuals, who work together each month in pursuit of excellence in serving our readers.

They are also true innovators, constantly thinking of new and improved ways to tell or present stories. We’ve chosen to name our newest department “Innovation” to highlight the people, companies and products that are changing Hawaii and giving us an edge in an increasingly global economy. This month’s “Innovation” about a surfboard, with nanotechnology in its resin, was written by our intern, Kyle Galdeira. Kyle came to us courtesy of the Hawaii Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and has done a terrific job all summer. “Innovation” is just one of a series of changes that we have planned to continue on a pattern of positive growth. I guess you could say our one constant is innovation.

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