Baldridge & Associates

February, 2009

At a time when many Hawaii companies are being forced to downsize or close up shop, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering (BASE) Inc. is doing the opposite — by going international. Over the past six years, the company has increased its annual revenue by an average of 30 percent per year. It is also in the process of opening an office in Guam and is committed to three large-scale projects in India.

With a staff of 25, Steven Baldridge, the president of BASE, says, “In essence, what we’re doing is the opposite of outsourcing. We’re actually taking work away from the people who have traditionally been taking work away from us.” Although BASE offers a wide range of services, including antiterrorism and force protection, construction materials testing, engineering, disaster mitigation and construction product research and development, Baldridge says the company’s ability to increase its market share of design-build work in Hawaii is responsible for much of its success.

“When you do good work, customers recognize that,” Baldridge says. “In turn, that creates repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals that generate new business.”

BASE prides itself on its innovative methods and forward-thinking, problem-solving abilities, application of the latest design technology and, most of all, its quality interaction with clients.

“I always tell people, we’re too expensive not to use us,” Baldridge says, laughing. “We always try to collaborate with our customers — and we’ll be brutally honest when it comes down to it — to make sure that we look at all possible angles and provide the most sensible, long-term solution that fits our client’s needs.”

The bottom line, he adds: Do it right the first time.

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