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His & Her baths and accessories offer couples practical personal spaces & romantic places to share.

November, 2005

In the past, bathrooms have been utilitarian spaces that weren’t given much attention. They were overlooked and often tucked into the odd spaces of floor plans. However, veteran kitchen and bath designer, Michael Smith, of Kitchen Concepts Plus, sees things changing. “Couples want large, open master baths, with space for privacy and intimacy,” Smith says. “The trend is more of a luxury feel, as if you’re walking into a private spa.”

From jet whirlpools, private outside areas and showers built for two, today’s couples stock their master baths with functional fixtures that double as romantic, spa-like amenities. On the following pages, Baths Built for Two highlights several exquisite baths and basic bathroom tips for his & her baths and vanities.


Designer Tips
Glenda Anderson, Details International

One master bedroom, two master baths. This couple wouldn’t have it any other way. From the master bedroom, there are two entrances into two separate baths: his & hers. “The bathrooms are masculine and feminine expressions, but they also show his-and-her individuality,” says Glenda Anderson, CEO of Details International. “They’re each having fun in their own way.”

HIS: Dark, masculine, “tailored elegance.” Anderson says the man of the house wanted a granite, glass and gold bath designed with very straight, modern lines. For example, the simple, modern shower, with a gorgeous ocean view, is black granite from the waist down and glass from the waist up.

His cabinetry was finished with a matte black, rather than a glossy polish. Note the distinguished-looking gold hardware. The matching gold sink rests in a black granite countertop.

Not shown in the picture is a black dresser with gold antiquing. “It’s an uncommon idea,” Anderson says, “but we’re trying to get everyone to put dresser drawers in their bathrooms. This way men can put their underwear on or get partially dressed, and women can slip into a nighty, before they leave the bathroom.”

HERS: Light, feminine, “curvy luxury.” Anderson says the woman of the house likes to pamper herself at spas, so she wanted a mini spa in the privacy of her own bath. For example, the right-angle, 10-foot vanity area includes a “major Hollywood makeup corner,” says Anderson, with drawers and built-in refrigerator for bottled water, natural remedies and cold creams.

Not shown is a separate spa room, which features a whirlpool bath, shower and skylight. It’s a glamorous refuge for a bathing beauty. The cabinetry was finished in a soft latte, with gold hardware. Anderson notes, “The cabinetry has beautiful, scrolled columns & it’s all curvy & much like its owner.”


Designer Tips
Csaba Meresz, Inside Addition

Csaba Meresz, designer and president of Inside Addition, acknowledges that some people just like to have their space. As a result, he designed this cobalt-blue Mira vanity that caters to couples who want their privacy, but may not have enough space for side-by-side sinks or two out-facing vanities. “The Mira sits in the middle of the room, creating two personal spaces for him and her,” Meresz says. “This particular design is very out of the ordinary. In order for it to work, the plumbing needs to come up from the middle of the bathroom rather than from the wall.”

The Mira is mounted to the floor with a large, stainless steel cylinder. Its moon-shape design is made with beveled mirrors and maple wood. The Canac cobalt-blue cabinetry on his and her sides has double vertical doors and two horizontal pull drawers. Two striking blue, glass sink bowls rest on the unit’s quartz countertop, a beautiful swirl of ivory, purple, pink and blue.

This exquisite bath vanity is viewable at Inside Addition’s showroom. “A lot of the time we design vignettes strictly for the showroom,” explains Meresz. “This unit’s bright cobalt blue gets us attention. We built it not necessarily to sell it as is, but just to showcase what we can do and what is possible.”


Designer Tips
Bella Pietra, A Natural Stone Design Center

Bella Pietra carries a versatile stone collection of elegant sinks, tubs and tiles that create inviting spaces. Each stone’s characteristics guide the design, making one-of-a-kind bathrooms. Tubs and sinks are available in marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone and basalt. Pictured is a lagos azul vessel resting in a napolina limestone honed slab countertop, with tumbled napolina 5/8-inch tile backsplash.


Designer Tips
Carolyn Pace, Studio Becker 

In busy households with parents and kids, baths built for two are as convenient as they may be quixotic. Carolyn Pace, of Studio Becker, designed this straight-forward, clean line bath for a busy Kahala couple. True to form, the wife requested a vanity area with extra storage. For the cabinetry in the vanity and bath, Pace says the homeowner asked for an Old World look with clean lines. Tricky combo. “They didn’t want anything too sleek, so we went with a Shaker-style oak cabinetry, with a chestnut finish. Then the softer part of the oak wood grain was scraped out and brushed in with a whitewash,” Pace explains. “This technique gives great texture, as well as an interesting color combination.”

In the vanity’s adjoining master bath, the two-person shower sports an extra-wide glass door, two shower heads and a built-in shower bench. “This shower is nice when you’ve got two people who are in a rush,” Pace says. The shower’s back ledge, laid with glass tile, stops at waist level, offering an out-of-the-way spot for bath bottles. The large, Kohler whirlpool tub is aptly called Tea-for-Two. The tub’s simple lines complement Studio Becker’s design, while its elegant shape offers a true soaking experience, with room for two.


Designer Tips
T. Oki Trading Ltd. 

Designed for two, the experience of this super-deep, whirlpool Fresco tub can be shared. The tub is pure art. This porcelain, high-backed tub of yesteryear, supports and cradles the shoulders and neck for total indulgence. Jacuzzi’s four adjustable TheraPro jets and two AccuPro foot jets deliver an even, perfectly pressured massage.

The tub is just one of T. Oki Trading’s bath and spa products. The company carries everything from indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi spas and tubs to high-tech Toto toilets. T. Oki Trading offers spa-like bath products that cater to couples designing a bath to share.


Designer Tips
Lokahi Stone

Lokahi Stone, a contemporary concrete design studio, specializes in custom concrete countertops and floors. The pictured silver platinum-colored, forward-ramp sink is an example of the company’s creative work. The sink slopes two ways: down the main ramp at about a 25-degree angle and from left to right, toward the corner drain. The drain ramp is inlaid with a mosaic pattern of slate-colored concrete and jade-ite.

Andrew Simon, co-owner of Lokahi Stone, is currently working on a double-wide, his-and-her sink. He says the company can create almost any style, size and color of concrete fixtures, plus homeowners can hand pick their choice of inlays, such as semi-precious stone aggregates and fossils. One of Lokahi Stone’s newest concrete colors is Hookipa: a mix of white cement and coral aggregates, teal beach glass and seashells collected at Hookipa. “Some people say the mix looks like a nugget candy bar,” says Simon. “The creamy white concrete is a safe, gender-neutral color and looks really nice in bathrooms.”

Fine Linens & Furnishings linen shop specializes in bed and bath accessories. From delicately embroidered linens to teak wood furniture, this small shop is a feminine woman’s paradise.


Designer Tips
Hawaii Glass Block

Hawaii Glass Block brings the crystalline beauty of glass to bathroom designs. Unlike solid sheets of clear glass, the thickness and texture of glass block offers privacy for partitions, shower walls and windows. Glass block also brightens up bathrooms by borrowing light from the room’s artificial or natural light.

For example, the window of this Diamond Head residence (pictured) faces the property’s side yard. The owners wanted some privacy from their neighbors without sacrificing light or the sense of the outdoors. Kathy Phillips, of Hawaii Glass Block, says the window is a mix of regular and sandblasted glass block. The sandblasted blocks are embellished with floral images, such as bird of paradise and torch ginger. In the foreground, a subtle monstera leaf adds to the botanical theme. “This bathroom also has honu sandblasted in the shower’s glass block walls,” notes Phillips. “Hawaii Glass Block can incorporate any theme into glass block & and much like etched glass entryways, we can create full murals, too.”


Designer Tips
Thomas Deir Studios

Recently, tile artist Thomas Deir got a special commission: to create an underwater reef scene, or turtle cave, for a young boy’s shower. It was a year-long job and an exercise in patience that paid off.

Deir started with a concept sketch, while the boy’s mother selected the types of fishes and colors she wanted in the mural. Deir says, “I suggested that I paint her son in the mural, peeking from behind some coral. She loved the idea, so I had them over to the studio to take some reference photos.”

The completed wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mural was worth the wait. “It got even better,” says Deir, “when Glenn Harris, of World Class Pools, framed my work with fabricated rock. That really turned this into a ‘world-class’ mural.”

The turtle cave is a good example of one of Deir’s more whimsical designs. However, he also paints sophisticated scenes for kitchens and master baths. Plus, he recently upgraded his kiln to fire a variety of tile sizes. “A lot of people are going with bigger tile now,” Deir explains. “The tiles I used in this mural are 8-by-8-inches, but now I can fire 12-by-12, too.”


Design & Product Tips
Tile & Stone 

Jinny Nip, owner of Selective Stone, a stone countertop and tile supplier, says when it comes to large showers, large stone slabs go hand in hand. “Although it’s pricey, large slabs of stone are really popular,” Nip says. “People nowadays are requesting 64-by-72-inch slabs because they make showers seamless & no grout lines.” Selective Stone also carries a wide selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Mulia has been Selective’s ceramic supplier for the past 10 years. The company is based in Indonesia and offers reasonable prices. Selective’s innovative and high-quality porcelain tile, called Porcelanosa, is imported from Spain. “Tile, in general, is popular because nowadays people want color rather than the usual ivories and soft pinks,” says Nip. “Tile, including new glass, allows homeowners to design their bathrooms with different colors, styles & to make accents, or more of a display.”

According to Tile Mart’s showroom manager, Joslyn Sollner, men and women have differing options even when it comes to tile.

“We find that male consumers favor textured looking tiles, such as Tile Mart’s Mountain Stone and Strong series, which feature a rugged, outdoors feel,” Sollner says. Conversely, women generally enjoy the feeling of being in a spa. “They often choose natural stone-looking tiles, such as Leville and Empire series,” she says. “They are easy to maintain, and give bathrooms a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance.”

Tile Mart also carries Crossville, a leading manufacturer of porcelain and glass tile. Sollner says Crossville has out-performed its competitors in not only keeping up with trends, but by setting the standards for style and quality. “Their lines of glass tile are stunning. One in particular, Radiance, captures the appearance of beach glass, a theme appropriate to Hawaii,” she says. Water Crystal mosaics are another consumer favorite. They come on one-square-foot sheets, and are fabulous when used for tub and shower accents, backsplashes and borders.

“With our focus being on ceramic and porcelain products, Tile Mart has a very wide selection,” says Sollner, “homeowners can easily find the perfect look for their bathrooms.”

Andean Stone
1808 Republican St.

Bath and Suite Shoppe
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 122A

Bella Pietra, 
A Natural Stone Design Center
701 N. Nimitz Hwy.

Details International
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 104

Fine Linens & Furnishings
614 Cooke St., Suite 201

Hawaii Glass Block
284 Kalihi St.

Inside Addition
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 123

Kitchen Concepts Plus
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 202

Lokahi Stone
518 Kamani St.

Marmol HI Natural Stones Ltd.
759 Puuloa Road

Screens & Things Inc.
2960 Mokumoa St.

Stoneworld Enterprises Inc.
233-A Sand Island Access Road

Studio Becker
560 N. Nimitz Hwy.,
Suite 121A

T.Oki Trading
2722 Waiwai Loop

Thomas Deir Studios

Tile Mart
855 Ahua St.

Selective Stone
2979 Koapaka St.

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