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Boot Camp Hawaii

Focusing on Wellness at the Workplace

February, 2015
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The number one question that clients ask their fitness trainer is, “Can you help me lose weight?” Founder and creator of Boot Camp Hawaii, Inc. (BCH), Emily Boll’s goal is for clients to understand that it takes effort to lose weight and it is a learning process. She teaches her clients to ask questions like, “Can you give me a workout that I can do on my own?” or “What can I eat when I am on the go?” BCH provides corporate wellness and online virtual training programs to service those people who have busy lives and want to live healthy lifestyles.

Most corporate wellness programs only focus on exercise or nutrition, but BCH provides much more than that. They provide a program that focuses on the five key areas of health: nutrition, exercise, supplementation, sleep, and attitude. Emily Boll has tailor-made corporate wellness programs to fit small and large companies who have diverse cultural, geographic, and special scheduling needs. These programs provide on-site and virtual fitness classes, motivational speaking events, online weekly accountability with a professional coach, healthy lifestyle-based webinars, and a state-of-the-art online platform that customizes nutrition plans based on the individual. Emily is the head wellness coach at Kamehameha Schools, and provides 6-week lifestyle change programs to 400 employees each year.

Emily Boll, a wife and mother of two young children, is a motivational speaker and certified fitness trainer of over 15 years experience. Her passion for health developed at a young age of 14 during her peak years as a competitive gymnast. She started teaching exercise classes at UCLA while going to school there full-time. She moved to Honolulu in 2005, and left her job as as an elementary school teacher by 2009, to follow her passion. Emily loves competing in local triathlons and is a finisher of the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2011. She lives to inspire and motivate every-day-people to become their best self and enjoy a full life of health.








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