Breaking Rank: Building Credibility

Manufacturer and distributor BOMAT Ltd. helps ensure long lives for some of Hawaii’s notable buildings.

August, 2002

The casual observer may not notice the work of Hawaii-based BOMAT Ltd. on some of the state’s most prominent structures, including Aloha Stadium and the Aloha Tower Marketplace. But that’s all right with Minh Pham, the company’s vice president and chief financial officer.

He knows that BOMAT — a manufacturer of packaged concrete products and distributor of wholesale and retail building materials — helps ensure the longevity of these local landmarks.

“Concrete in itself is a very porous product, so it’s not as carefree as a lot of people think,” Pham explains. “If you think of concrete, think of it in terms of a car, which has paint, so you need to wax it regularly to seal it. Before people want to pour the concrete down, they want to enhance it to make it stronger, cure better and, once it’s down, they may want to seal it so algae doesn’t grow in there.”

The Hawaii-based company, founded by Chairman of the Board Donald Deer in 1955, also has offices on Oahu, the Big Island, Guam, Saipan and in Vegas. Most of the company’s manufacturing is done on its 4-acre facility in Campbell Industrial Park, although it also has a plant in Phoenix.

“Several years ago, most of our customers were large construction firms like Hawaiian Dredging,” Pham says. “But business has changed over the past 10 to 15 years. Now, our big customers are Home Depot, Lowe’s and City Mill because of the major change in the business landscape here.”

After six years of landing on Hawaii Business’ Best of the Rest list, BOMAT enters the Top 250 with $20 million in gross sales for 2001. Although the company reported no change in gross sales from the previous year, it attributes its continued success to Hawaii’s healthy construction industry.

“Initially, for the first three months after Sept. 11, we suffered like everybody else,” Pham says. “But because the state spent so much money in the construction sector, we’re doing well this year. It’s not just state projects, but also the tax credit for homeowners doing renovations, that have helped us.”

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