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Company Profile: Schuler Homes

August, 2000

James Schuler is flying high. He’s also flying a lot. Each month the Hawaii-based homebuilder visits his offices throughout the Western United States. That means flying from Honolulu to Denver, then Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Recently he’s added Los Angeles and Phoenix onto his itinerary.

In June 1996, Schuler Homes expanded operations to the mainland, opening a division in Northern California. Another office in Oregon followed several months later, followed by a series of acquisitions, most recently the purchase of Southern California builder Reilly Homes early last year.

Today, these divisions account for approximately 90 percent of Schuler Homes’ revenues and 94 percent of its profits.

“Denver was a very strong performer for us last year. Seattle is strong, and, of course, California—both Northern and Southern—is red hot,” says Schuler. “Growth and job growth has been very good in those areas.”

But what about Hawaii? In 1999 only 330 of the company’s 2,634 houses were built in the Islands. According to Schuler, Hawaii will likely see a huge increase in home sales.

“The Asian economies are coming back and California is still going strong,” says Schuler. “As soon as next year, we might be in a position where both areas are doing well, a phenomenon never experienced here before.” — DKC


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