Photo by David Croxford and Aaron K. Yoshino

The Downtown Honolulu Parking Guide 2017

Hawaii Business magazine

Parking Lot & Address Day Rate Early Bird After Hours (Flat Rate Unless Specified) Weekend (Flat Rate Unless Specified) Monthly Contact Wait List/ Avalability Type Height Restrictions 1021 Smith St. 0-2hrs: $2 n/a $3 after 5pm, $10 after 5pm (Fri), $15 First Friday 0-2 hrs: $2 $5 after 5p.m. (Sat) $3 after 5p.m. (Sun) n/a Read the full article…

August 2016 , Business Trends
August, 2017
Carol Dumeyer says three-quarters of her regular customers are locals and one-quarter are visitors who keep returning. Photo: Penny Dinn.

Transformative Therapy

Jackie M. Young

“Metamorphose means to change or transform, and I wanted to use the verb- rather than the noun- for the name of our yoga studio, because it’s much more action-oriented,” explains Carol Dumeyer. “We’re all capable of changing or transforming.” The centuries-old physical and spiritual practice of yoga is now much more accepted as a medical Read the full article…

Color consultant Jill Morton with a 3-D model designed by a student in her color theory class at UH Manoa. Photo: David Croxford.

Color My World

Jackie M. Young

Meet Jill Morton. She’s an expert in how colors affect people, psychologically and physiologically. START: After earning her master’s in art education from UC Santa Barbara and her master’s of fine arts in painting from UH, she taught color theory at the UH School of Architecture. “That opened my eyes to the fact that color Read the full article…

August 2016 , Careers , Education
August, 2016