Kaui and Rocco Keola of Halawa Heights have been taking in foster children for 17 years. Today, their family consists of three biological children, three adopted children and seven foster children. Photo: Sean Marrs

Foster Parents Offer Safe Haven

Lee Ann Bowman

Imagine this ad … HELP WANTED Seeking full-time “resource parents” (aka foster parents). Candidates must be flexible, willing to help these children (infants to 18-year-olds) with everything, including homework, heartaches and hugs. Compassion, empathy and a sense of humor are highly desirable. Candidates must understand these children often have experienced trauma and will sometimes act out Read the full article…

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Is That Really A Service Dog?

Noelle Fujii

Brian Kajiyama, an instructor in UH’s Department of Special Education, who has cerebral palsy, has an undeniable need for his trained service dog, Zeus. Such dogs get years of training so they can help their human partners, and Zeus can pick up things when Kajiyama uses sign commands. Together, he says, they have encountered dogs Read the full article…

Business Trends , February 2015
February, 2016
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Ilima Loomis

We may buy that clamshell of beautiful, ripe strawberries with the best of intentions – pancakes! cobbler! fruit salad! – but when the end of the week comes and they’re getting soft and fuzzy in the back of the produce drawer, we’re likely to throw them in the trash. Multiply that process by several thousand households, Read the full article…

Parting Shot

Parting Shot: Practice Makes Perfect

Hawaii Business

Saturday, 11 a.m. Honolulu’s Chinatown Photo by Rae Huo Students study lion dance movements at Gee Yung Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association. They are preparing for Lunar New Year festivities, in which performers ages 5 to 17 will move the lion and create accompanying sounds with drums, gongs and cymbals.

Business Trends , February 2015
February, 2015