Kelli Abe-Trifonovich

Why should you care about the University of Hawaii? Your very existence could depend upon it. There is groundbreaking research taking place at the UH of a nature that could well save planet earth one day, or maybe cure cancer. Perhaps more importantly, the University of Hawaii affects your immediate quality of life. The University Read the full article…

Editor's Note , January 2004
January, 2004

The Buzz on Fuzz

Cathy S. Cruz

Last year, when a five-star hotel asked Pacific Gold Coast Construction to inspect a mysterious growth in one of its banquet rooms, PGCC investigators showed up at the luxury resort – incognito. “Our employees wore plain shirts. Our trucks had no markings. And our tools? We were a construction company,” says PGCC co-founder John Lausevic, Read the full article…

January 2004 , Sustainability
January, 2004

Home Remedies

Alex Salkever

Sometimes good things come from bad smells. That’s the hypothesis oncologist Brian Issell is testing at the University of Hawaii’s Cancer Research Center. The bad smell in question emanates from noni, the notoriously odoriferous tropical fruit touted as the latest wonder cure. After a number of his patients claimed noni extract made them feel better, Read the full article…

Small Talk

Alex Salkever

Wayne Shiroma loves to put things into orbit. A professor of electrical engineering at UH-Manoa, Shiroma specializes in secure, high-frequency communications systems that could someday link nanosatellites to each other as they spin around the Earth. Fleets of these tiny metal birds, no bigger than a shoebox, could replace much larger satellites currently used for Read the full article…

Education , January 2004 , Technology
January, 2004

Research Notes

Alex Salkever

Doing The Windward Drop Sometime in the late winter or early spring of 2004, Windward Community College students will get a chance to run experiments in conditions of zero gravity. That novel opportunity comes courtesy of a $40,000 NASA grant. The space agency is installing this specialized system at WCC’s Aerospace Exploration Lab, the only Read the full article…

On the Road Again

Jacy L. Youn

When a headhunter phoned Janice Head in the mid ’90s with an opportunity to relocate from Utah to San Francisco, she respectfully declined the offer with a simple, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Although the offer was for a high-level management position with Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, she and her husband, who had retired from Read the full article…