07-17 HB - HawaiiDependsOnSmallBusinesses

Hawaii Depends on Small Businesses

Reg Baker

Small businesses are so crucial to Hawaii that they must be nurtured and protected for the overall economy to grow. The federal Small Business Administration has different definitions for a small business depending on the industry, but, if we use one of the SBA’s definitions – 500 or fewer employees – then 99 percent of Read the full article…

June 2017 , Small Business
July, 2017
Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Talk Story: Sig Zane

Daniel Ikaika Ito

Sig Zane is an icon of aloha wear. His mastery of hand-cutting rubylith is the signature of the SZD aesthetic and the sharp lines of his artwork make Hawaiian flora and fauna come to life like no other company. The flagship Sig Zane Designs store in Hilo is a must-visit whenever on Hawaii Island, especially Read the full article…

June 2017 , Leadership
July, 2017

Talk Story: Bob Hurley

Daniel Ikaika Ito

In 1999, Bob Hurley launched Hurley International, leveraging a successful and lucrative 15-year career as president of Billabong USA and forever changing the landscape of action sports. Three years later, Hurley sold his namesake company to Nike, and in 2002 the whole surf industry was in an uproar. It was a savvy business move that Read the full article…

June 2017 , Leadership
July, 2017
Publisher Cheryl Oncea, center, now leads Hawaii Business, with support from associate publisher David Sur and creative director Janelle Kalawe-Ching.

We’re Back and Better Than Ever

Steve Petranik

I’ll be honest: A few months ago, I was worried about the future of Hawaii Business. Our publisher and creative director (that’s the person in charge of the entire look of the magazine, from photos to typography) had left to form their own company. Our remaining senior sales executive, David Sur, was pulled into the Read the full article…

Editor's Note , June 2017
July, 2017
Photo by Liz Barney

Parting Shot: Snail Trail

Hawaii Business magazine

There’s a secret zoo for snails hidden high on a central section of the Waianae mountain range. Jamie Tanino, rare snail conservation specialist, scans the leaves of ieie vines as part of a routine check for almost 300 Kahuli tree snails contained within the 525-foot perimeter of the fenced-in area. The walls for the enclosure, Read the full article…

June 2017 , Sustainability
June, 2017
Illustration by Yuwei Qiu.

Nonprofit Corner: Ending the Cycle of Abuse

Jackie M. Young

When victims of domestic abuse seek protection from their attackers, Ed Flores and his nonprofit are there to help. They also work to prevent the violence before it begins. Flores is executive director and co-founder of Ala Kuola, which helps victims obtain temporary restraining orders (TROs) against their abusers. The nonprofit also leads the national Read the full article…

June 2017 , Nonprofits
June, 2017