Corporate Anniversaries 2017

Hawaii Business magazine

What does it take to succeed in Hawaii? Read on and learn from local companies that have endured and flourished for many years. Each has its own unique recipe for achievement and accomplishment. Featuring: ACCUITY LLP HAWAII STATE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION PALOLO CHINESE HOME UHA HEALTH INSURANCE

Carol Dumeyer says three-quarters of her regular customers are locals and one-quarter are visitors who keep returning. Photo: Penny Dinn.

Transformative Therapy

Jackie M. Young

“Metamorphose means to change or transform, and I wanted to use the verb- rather than the noun- for the name of our yoga studio, because it’s much more action-oriented,” explains Carol Dumeyer. “We’re all capable of changing or transforming.” The centuries-old physical and spiritual practice of yoga is now much more accepted as a medical Read the full article…

15 March Meetings and Events General

Meetings and Events 2015

Hawaii Business magazine

Need a few ideas to invigorate your team for your next company event? Shake up your next office party or company event by swapping out the venue space. A change of scenery creates new dynamics, reenergizes creativity, and bonds a team together. Whether it’s just an occasional Monday morning stand-up in a more playful space Read the full article…