Myth and Reality

Steve Petranik

Entrepreneurism is hip and it seems that everyone has a plan for their own business. It also appears that, more than ever, there are resources to support startups, both locally and nationally, including accelerators, college courses, government programs and more. The reality over the past three decades is less bright, according to the Ewing Marion Read the full article…


Maui Business Report 2017

Hawaii Business magazine

The annual Maui Business Report shares insights into the progress of the island’s business and economy. With the recent termination of sugar production, the community must look to the future. A new wave of entrepreneurs are on the rise and may forge a path to prosperity in the valley isle.

Historic buildings contribute to the character of Rice Street. The planning codes that will guide its revitalization encourage historic preservation. The codes also call for attractive streetscapes, mixed-use zoning and buildings that meet pedestrians at the sidewalk, rather than be recessed. Photography by Brian Finch

Re-Birth on Rice Street

Brittany Lyte

The best days passed decades ago for downtown Lihue. Today, sidewalks are narrow, cracked and littered. Parks, lawns and benches are hangouts for the homeless. Once a proud gathering place, Rice Street is now little more than a thoroughfare for motorists en route to someplace else. There’s pretty much nothing to do,” says Jade Nguyen, Read the full article…


West Oahu Magazine 2017

Hawaii Business magazine

Produced in partnership with the West Oahu Economic Development Association (WOEDA), West Oahu Magazine celebrates the legacy of the region, that has enjoyed over 40 years of development that continues now and into the future. Read about unique stories not just from a local business perspective, but also from the community who live, work and Read the full article…


Honolulu: Late and Last

Dennis Hollier

When you look at Hawaii’s biggest problems, it’s astounding how many are tied to our housing shortage. Nationally, we’re near the top in cost of living, price of housing, homelessness and time spent in traffic. And we’re near the bottom in disposable income, hours of sleep a night and percentage of two-income families. ELASTICITY This Read the full article…

December 2016 , Economics , Real Estate
December, 2016
Photography by Aaron K. Yoshino

You’re Paying More for Everything

Dennis Hollier

Peter Savio thinks you’re paying too much rent if you’re a leasehold tenant. The reason, he says, is the way appraisers determine your rent when it comes up for renegotiation. If he’s right, the financial effect is enormous. The well-known landowner and affordable-housing developer sent a screed to local media this year, in which he Read the full article…

Economics , November 2016 , Real Estate
November, 2016