Illustration by Sara Ariel Wong

Nonprofit Corner: Sustainable Homeownership

Jackie M. Young

“We’re trying to create a consumer who’s better-educated, empowered and can make their own decisions when it comes to first-time home buying,” explains Dennis Oshiro, executive director of Hawaii HomeOwnership Center. “A single mom who spent 10 years getting coaching from us just recently bought her own home,” he says proudly. “It was a matter Read the full article…

Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino.

Rent Control: Step Right Up!

Kathryn Drury Wagner

Move into this 917-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in a lovely, remodeled historical building. Washer/dryer, balcony, air conditioning all included for $875 a month. Just one problem, Island dwellers. It’s in Cleveland. For a similar cozy vibe in Honolulu, you’ll pay at least $2,649, according to Expatisan’s cost-of-living index. Last year, 10,000 more people left Hawaii for Read the full article…