A scene from one of their latest commercials. Courtesy of HEMIC

HEMIC’s Gamechanger

Tiffany Hill

HEMIC helped transform Hawaii’s workers’ comp system.  Today, it puts safety first for its clients, who are also its owners. Jason Yoshimi remembers starting work 20 years ago for the newly founded Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Co., better known as HEMIC. It had only about six employees then and the company was renting a cramped Read the full article…

Photography by Logan Mock-Bunting

Water Warning

Noelle Fujii

Most people are smart enough to stay out of the ocean when signs warn about bacteria in the water. The problem is we don’t always get that warning, or get it quickly enough, because Hawaii has 303 miles of recreational shoreline and only six state inspectors testing for bacteria. The good news is that volunteers Read the full article…

Hawaii Biotech is working on a vaccine to protect against Zika. Here, Dr. Jaime Horton and vaccine research director David Clements study bacterial colonies on a petri plate. Photography by Aaron K. Yoshino

Tracing a Virus

Tiffany Hill

This summer was a blur for Sarah Park, who is the state epidemiologist and head of the Department of Health’s Disease Outbreak Control Division. Each year, an average of 10 Hawaii residents contract Hepatitis A, which is considered a normal rate for the size of the state’s population. But, by the middle of June, the Read the full article…

Government , Healthcare , November 2016
November, 2016

Parting Shot: Wrangling the C-Arm

Hawaii Business magazine

It takes muscle and skill to move some of the high-tech imaging equipment in preparation for surgery – and to get it out afterward. As a radiology technologist at The Queen’s Medical Center, Amy Davis helps reposition this C-arm x-ray image intensifier that’s used to provide clearer images for surgeons. Date: Wednesday, 5:13 p.m. Location: Read the full article…

Careers , Healthcare , October 2016
October, 2016