Coming in September: MauiLife Fest

June, 2003

If the names Dr. Deepak Chopra, Bob Greene, Makaala Yates and Dr. Julian Whitaker ring any bells, then you probably are among the millions of Americans who spend $70 million annually on alternative healthcare and personal development. Chopra is a world-renowned expert in mind-body medicine; Greene is a certified personal trainer for stars, including talk-show host Oprah Winfrey; Yates is founder of the Hawaiian Healing Institute; and Whitaker is director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute and editor of Health and Healing newsletter.

They will be featured guests at LifeFest Maui, a premier health and wellness event scheduled at the luxury Wailea resort from Sept. 12-14. The three-day extravaganza will include golf-related fitness activities; ocean events; Pilates, yoga and tai chi sessions on the beach; a Celebrity Power Walk; fitness exhibitions; and “Life Feast,” a culinary gala of healing foods.

Maui’s travel leaders know that this niche – health and wellness travel – has skyrocketed over the past years. More than 24.7 million adults (or 25 percent of U.S. travelers) regularly exercise while traveling. And baby boomers comprise roughly 34 percent of Americans who regularly drop dollars for health and wellness products and services.

Although LifeFest Maui targets off-island visitors, organizers urge local residents to participate. In fact, the majority of seminars will be free and open to the general public. “We probably have some of most health- and wellness-oriented people in the business right here on Maui,” says Linn Nishikawa, president of Linn Nishikawa Associates Inc. and an organizer of LifeFest Maui. “A lot of that has to do with our lifestyle and the environment.”

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